15 Experts Share Their Google+ Tips With You

shared. 300x300We need to talk about Google+

Don’t believe the naysayers.

It’s a powerful social media network for writers and for anyone who wants to connect with an engaged audience.

Yet, Google+ is also a social media network that many people shy away from and that journalists sometimes even call a “ghost town“.

These critics are missing the point. Yes, the Google+ base is smaller, but members of the active communities are more engaged and helpful than similar groups on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Members of Google+ will respond to your posts if you provide value. And if you manage a page on Google+, you don’t have to pay for people to see updates from your page (Facebook, I’m looking at you).

Recently, I received lots of helpful feedback from the Authors, Publishers and Entrepreneurs community that helped me create a cover and pick a title for my new book. However, I understand not everyone has had this experience.

So, I surveyed the top authors, writers, social media gurus and business people using Google+, and I asked these experts how can you write a great post and succeed on Google+?

Get their answers to go

Here are their answers, tips and tricks:

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